About us

PRIMAX was established in 1993 in Belgrade. From the beginning, the core business of the company has been a wholesale of medicines, medical preparations, cosmetics and dietary preparations.

In time, after many years of successful business, PRIMAX d.o.o. embarked on an expansion, turning into a big company with several different departments and about 100 employees. Apart from the well known and well supplied pharmacies with modern equipment in Belgrade, PRIMAX is a proud representative of several most popular world brands, and it has its own manufacture of medical cosmetics- Biobody Paris and herbal products – Bioherbica, as well as modern beauty salons. Our team consists of highly qualified pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians, technologists, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, esthetician-beautician, hairdressers, managers, lawyers, economists… Our clients, partners, wholesale Serbian and international partners see us as a competent, reliable and competitive partner on the market in the area of pharmacy, medical products, cosmetics and herbal preparations.
* PRIMAXretail team consists of pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians in Prima pharmacies, who 24h a day take care of health and beauty of Belgrade citizens! From all 12 Prima pharmacies at the attractive locationsin the centre of Belgrade, 7 pharmacies work 24h a day, providing comfort, security and fast service to patients in different parts of the city at any time of day and night.

* PRIMAXwholesale team has, for years, successfully distributed famous world brandssuch as Sunlife, Uriscan, Kitchen Aid , OPI ,Smith & Nephew, Aloxxi.Our warehouse, equipped according to the latest standards and with aISO 9001-2000 certificate, is used for quality storage and fast delivery of pharmaceutical and other products to all customers in the territory of Serbia. We have successfully cooperated with biochemical laboratories of the well known health centres throughout Serbia, supplying them with the reagent stripsof the best quality for the chemical analysis of urine. Since 2007, when PRIMAX became a distributor of the English company Smith&Nephew, the professional team of wholedrogerie has received another imperative in cooperation with health centres  –it has developed an active cooperation with surgeons and other doctors and medical staff with the aim of constant advancement of the quality of life of patients with chronic and acute wounds.

* PRIMAX manufacturing team in modernly equipped laboratories, after extensive research, has developed the latest recipes for the manufacture of medical cosmetics, herbal pessaries and suppositories, balms and gels. Moreover, the development team is intensively working on the new projects on the manufacture of dietary products  – capsules and syrups for children and adults.
* As we can’t imagine health without beauty, we are proud of the newly opened Aloxxi and OPI beauty salons, where you will always be delighted with the ideas of our talented hairdressers and beauticians!

We exist and grow because we respect and nurture the spirit of research, persistence, new ideas and team work.