Zinc activ sprayand cream

BioBody Paris

Quantity: spray 150ml, cream 75ml.

Prevents and soothes redness, baby rashes and hives

Baby skin is very sensitive and therefore it requires special care. To prevent rashes, it is best to use products with zinc oxide that create a protective layer thus avoiding the direct contact of baby skin with urine. Our professional team has carefully chosen the active ingredients to make a product of high quality for both healthy and irritated baby skin care: Zinc active spray and cream

It can be used as a prevention of rashes, by applying regularly with every diaper change. Moreover, if baby’s skin is already irritated, the product has a soothing effect and it reduces pain, redness and inflammatory processes.

*Chamomile and hamamelis extracts soothe the skin, prevent the inflammatory processes and irritation formation, have antibacterial effect
*Marigold oil helps reduce inflammatory processes and skin irritations.
*Almond oil soothes the inflammations, nurtures and nourishes the skin in a great way making it smooth.
*D-panthenolsoothes the irritation and stimulates the regeneration of the damaged skin.
*Vitamin E protects the skinagainst the harmful environmental effects and has an antioxidant effect.
*Allantoinmakes the skin soft and smooth.