A three-layer wound compress with SILCRYST silver nanocrystals. It consists of an absorbing core inserted between two layers of silver polyethylene meshes. The nanocrystal silver protects the wound against bacterial contamination, while the inner core helps the maintenance of moist wound environment.

In-vitro data show that ACTICOAT is applicable to 150 pathogens that include a wide range of gram positive and negative bacteria and fungal pathogens. ACTICOAT is also applicable to  Pseudomonas that is resistant to antibiotics, Methicilin resistant to Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin resistant to Enterococcus (VRE).

Due to the constant relieving of silver it is efficient in the same concentrations at least for 3 days  from the moment of wound application. In-vitro data show that ACTICOAT acts faster than other types of silver since it destroys bacteria in 30 minutes. ACTICOAT destroys already existing pathogens in the wound, reduces the risk of new infection formation and reduces the overall number of wound bacteria.

It is cut and adjusted to the wound dimensions, simply and painlessly applied and removed.

Indications: Infection and antimicrobic wound protection od partial and full thickness ( decubital wounds, venous and arterial ulcers, diabetes ulcers, burns, dermal grafts of donors and recipients).

Precautionary measures: for the preparation of the wound for the application of ACTICOAT compress saline cannot be used because of the binding Ag i CL ions, but sterile distilled water.