Algisite M


A calcium-alginate compress made of mannuronic acid fibres that turn into a soft gel when they come into contact with the exudate from the wound. ALGISITE M provides the moist environment for wound treatment that leads to fast healing even when it comes to the hard-to-heal ones. In vitro research shows that Algisite M absorbs 13 times more than its weight, which means that the compress does not have to be changed up to 7 days depending on the nature of the wound and the exudate level. It can help to stop a weak intensity bleeding.

When ALGISITE M comes into contact with the wound exudate, it turns into a soft gel providing the optimal moisture in the wound, prevents from eschar formation and accelerates the treatment. The compress allows gas circulation necessary to keep the adequate environment for healtly wound healing. ALGISITE M is very soft and can be reformed, cut and bent, thus being suitable for the wounds of different shapes and size since the formed gel adjusts to the wound contours. The soft gel does not dry or adhere to the wound, it is easy to use and simply removed in one piece.

Indications: wounds of full and partial thickness, with medium to high exudate level, can be prone to weak bleeding, decubital wounds, leg ulcers, ischemic and diabetes foot ulcers, postoperative and post-burn wounds. When speaking about infected wounds, it is combined with Acticoat compress.