A hydro cellular foam compress of great absorbing power designed for the wounds with medium to high exudate level. It has an innovative three-layer structure :

1. Gas-permeable polyurethane film on the upper surface with a great power of exudate vaporisation;

2. Hydrocellular foam core of great absorbing power that enables the exudate absorption up to 7 days;

3. Non-adhesive layer in a direct contact with the wound that is well adhered to the intact skin, and not to the wound. ALLEVYN  is resistant to the bacteria and waterproof, prevents from exudate express outflow and the risk of crossed contamination is minimized. (insert the picture of  Allevyn structure)

ALLEVYN compresses are soft and in a form of cushions, provide a great comfort and protection of patients and contribute to the reduction of wound pressure. They can be adhesive (ALLEVYN ADHESIVE) and non-adhesive (ALLEVYN NON-ADHESIVE), different shapes depending on the place of application (HEEL– for elbows and heels, SACRUM- for the application on sacral area).

Indications: chronic and acute wounds, full or partial thickness, shallowly granulated or the wounds with excudate such as: decubital wounds, ulcers, infected wounds, diabetic foot ulcerations, extremely hard-to-heal wounds, surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, donor regions and fungal ulcers.

Precautionary measures: Do not use any ALLEVYN product with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorous solution or the solutions of hydrogen peroxide since they destroy the structure of the compress.