Intrasite gel


A transparent, amorphous hydrogel that contains a modified polymer of carboxymethryl cellulose, propylene glykol and water. It enables a rapid but gentle debridement of necrotic tissue in the wound simultaneously absorbing the dead tissue and exudate excess.

All dead tissue from the wound must be eliminated so that the process of regeneration can be initiated. INTRASITE GEL helps the natural debridement with the process of autolysis, gently rehydrating the necrotic tissue. Scrab is formed by the accumulation of dead cell in the wound exudate. Withdrawing the exudate excess from the wound surface, INTRASITE GEL stops the scrab formation, and in case the scrab is already formed, the gel removes it by gentle rehydration without damaging the healthy tissue. INTRASITE GEL enhances the moisture in the wound providing the moist environment for the wound treatment, and prevents eschar formation. Maintaining the granular tissue moist and enabling the migration of epithelial cells, INTRASITE GEL accelerates the healing.

Special Applipak system enables a simple, direct and controlled application, even to inaccessible wounds. It is not adhesive; simply and painlessly removes the wounds by washing it with saline without any injuries of the gentle tissue.

Indications: necrotic tissue in shallow, undermined and deep wounds (decubital wounds, leg ulcers, diabetes ulcers, fungal ulcers, malignity wounds, burns, surgical wounds, scalds, lacerations, amputation); in deep wounds with granular tissue; skin excoriation; radiation burns.