A small, light, ultraportable disposable system for the negative pressure therapy. It consists of a small pump that produces negative pressure and the dressing (compress) to which it is connected by a port. It is designed for the treatment of the small area and depth wounds (do 0,5cm), and due to the high level of absorption and vaporisation of the dressing itself, it provides an optimal moisture by removing up to 400 ml exudate. When it comes to the wounds with a lower exudate level, the dressing can stay on the wound for 7 days, with the medium exudate level 6 days, and if there is an infection present, the dressing change is more frequent. PICO System provides the negative pressure of – 80 mmHG in the continuous method of operation, and by pushing the orange button, you can activate a pause. Designed as a portable system for the negative pressure treatment, PICO is dedicated to the treatment of postoperative wounds in patients in ambulances or at home.

Indications: – acute and chronic wounds, traumas, postoperative dehiscence, ulcers, dermal grafts, closed surgical cuts.

Counterindications: wound malignity, untreated osteomyelitis, necrotic eschar tissue, exposed blood vessels, nerves or organs.

Precautionary measures: anticoagulans therapy, severe hemostasis, an upset patient, untreated malnutrition.