Tonic against anemia, 200 ml

Contains Fe, Zn, a vitamin B complex and minerals.

Ferrovitaprovides the source of iron and other nutritious ingredients necessary for the red blood cell formation.  It helps the maintenance of the energy metabolism, nervous system and mental activities as well as the maintenance of a strong immune system.

It is especially recommended to:
– children: for appetite regulation, psychological and physical development
– females: during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy
– vegetarians: for the maintenance of iron and B vitamin levels
– athletes: iron is essentially important for the performance and stamina improvement

Dose: children fromage 5 to 14 years 5 ml a day adults from 5 to 10 ml a day Dose the tonic with the included graduated cap.

Keep away from children’s reach. Gluten and lactose free. Suitable for vegetarians.