Creating a powerful and solid company for the manufacture of medical cosmetics and general application preparations.
Actively taking a part in supplying the Serbian and the international market with medicines, medical products, dietary supplements and cosmetic products.
Our imperative is the understanding of current and future needs of customers and partners, fulfilling their requirements and aiming at exceeding their expectations.
We respect and nurture the spirit of research, persistence, professionalism, thrust and team work.


Our vision is to develop as a company with stable position on the market by providing the utmost quality of goods and services, as well as a wide range both through exclusive dealership with foreign companies and through the cooperation with the partners and distributors from our country. Continuous advancement of the manufacturing plant and processes, and  the improvement of the recipes by applying the results of the latest technologies and medical research , will make us a regional leader in the manufacture of medical cosmetics and general application preparations.


Our goal is to advance production and to improve quality of people’s life and health.



Apart from the well-known Prima pharmacies in Belgrade, Primax is a representative of some of the most famous world brands: Sunlife, Uriscan, Kitchen Aid, OPI, Smith & Nephew, Aloxxi… We possess our own production of medical cosmetics and herbal products, and our team consists of highly qualified pharmacists, doctors, technologists, nutritionists, beauticians, hairdressers…


Prima pharmacies are found at the key locations in Belgrade, and with its unique and recognizable style, pleasant ambience and the dedication to every customer, show that reliability and consistency are imperatives of our business.

We accommodate to the customers’ needs and strive to provide:

  • medical devices and cosmetic products
  • a high quality service,
  • dedication to every client and availability,
  • aninnovative leadership in the goods and service offer.

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