Anti-Age Collagen cream

BioBody Paris


The cream contains collagen, vitamin E, almond oil and Shea Butter.
Collagen is a protein normally found in our skin. After the thirtieth year, the production of collagen is reduced thus leading to the gradual loss of skin flexibility and wrinkle formation. Collagen in our skin binds the water and in that way enhances skin flexibility, reduces the visibility and depth of wrinkles.

Almond oil softens and nurtures the skin, and the natural vitamin E, extracted from corn germs protects the skin from free radicals. Shea butter is a herbal wax containing lipids similar to the natural lipids of face skin.

The cream is designed for all mature skin types. It can be used as both day and night face and neck cream.
It is applied to the skin previously cleansed with Biobody anti acne cleansing milk and Biobody anti acne tonic.