BioBody Paris

15ml, 30ml

is a highly concentrated, intensive treatment for face, neck and cleavage skin with currently visible lifting effect. Biobody Paris anti-aging firming serum contains: hyaluronic acid , proteins, vitamin E, Shea butter, avocado and yellow primrose oil.
Mature skin period starts in the thirtieth year of life and continues until the fiftieth one. During that period, various treatments can have a successful effect on the skin, and therefore refresh and rejuvenate it.

Anti age treatments can be used as soon as skin begins to lose its freshness as a result of collagen loss, somewhat poor circulation, muscle relaxation. Due to these reasons, it is important to pay enough attention to home face care using the proper creams, masks, serums and a certain type of lifting.

There are plenty of external factors that influence the skin aging– UV radiation, wind, sun, sunroom, inadequate foundations that clog pores, cigarettes. All the abovementioned factors have the effect of the accelerated skin aging.

Biobody Paris medical cosmetics offers a regenerative day and night serum whose content satisfies the needs of mature skin. The serum hydrates the skin prone to dryness making it fresh and firm. It reduces the visibility and depth of the existing wrinkles, prevents the formation of the new ones and also treats dark circles and eye bags.

The regenerative serum׃

  • reduces wrinkles
  • supports and enforces the natural skin functions
  • hydrates
  • makes the skin firm and gentle
  • reduces the visibility of dark circles and eye bags

Morning application: after cleaning your face with a facial cleansing milk, apply the proper tonic and then apply the serum to the face, cleavage and neck.  After that, apply the proper day cream.

Night application: after cleaning the face with Biobody Paris facial cleansing milk, apply the face tonic and serum. After serum, apply the night cream to the face. In case your skin is mixed or oily, after cleaning your face with the milk and applying the tonic, the serum will suffice.

Biobody Paris anti-aging firming serum recovers the necessary lipid level and enforces the natural barrier skin function leaving it silky soft.

Hydrates, rejuvenates and enforces the skin structure with the aim of recovering its earlier tonus and flexibility. In comparison with other cosmetic products it pierces 40% deeper into the skin, the effect being much bigger.

The skin surface receives fresh colour, it is lighter, the surface circulation is stimulated, face is lifted and the wrinkles are less visible. There are improvements in the thickness of elastic fibers in deeper layers, better provision of oxygen and the accelerated process of skin purification. After only a week of using the serum, skin is softer, gentler and looks healthier.