Anti cellulite gel

BioBody Paris


Gel for the treatment of the skin affected by cellulite. Contains the coffee extracts, ivy tincture and caffeine.
Due to the mutual effect of caffeine and ivy, anti cellulite gel stimulates the circulation in the body parts affected by cellulite, stimulates its reduction, activates the lymphatic drainage and enables fast elimination of digested fat and toxins from the body.

By applying this preparation regularly, the reduction of thighs, hips and waist volume is accomplished. It is fast absorbed and does not leave a sticky mark. Apart from stimulating cellulite reduction, it firms, hydrates and improves the skin texture.
It is applied twice a day to the cleansed skin using a mild massage in a circular motion towards the heart. During the treatment, it is recommended to take a great amount of fluids (water, sugar-free teas) that significantly enhances the effect of the treatment.