Sun Protect face cream SPF15

BioBody Paris


Moisturizing day cream with a ginseng extract and sun protection factor (SPF) 15.

Ginseng or “ the root of life” ,as the herb is called due to its numerous medicinal effects, is considered a miraculous, healing remedy by Chinese people since it decelerates the aging process and nurtures the skin. Sun protection factor 15 protects from UVA and UVB radiation.

This day cream keeps the natural moisture of the skin and maintains a hydro lipophilic balance.

The cream is designed for dry, sensitive and normal skin care, and is especially recommended for the skin prone to allergic reactions to sun. It soothes the existing and prevents the formation of new freckles and spots on the skin.

It is applied to the skin previously cleansed with Biobody make up remover cleansing milk and Biobody algae tonic.