Boja VAŠE kose JE NAŠ jedini posao

Aloxxi  products are based on herbs, released sulphates, paraben, gluten and sodium chloride with the aim of utmost hair care and protection. Apart from a wide range of hair colours, a number of products for care and stylization are offered. Care products illustrate the synergy of science and nature, containing „colour care“ complex, the mixture of top antioxidants, herbal extracts and oils, and all that with the purpose of hair protection.

Aloxxi styling collection is exclusively formulated for the protection of chemically treated hair. The preparations are formulated in such a way that they can be combined to the extent that is adjusted to the hair. They do not leave marks on the hair, do not make it stiff and sticky. Aloxxi preparations for professional use are formulated in a way to provide the best possible support to the colorisation. The basis of our „tools” that serve exclusively to the professional use areColour Prime ( a treatment previous to dying that protects the vertex, removes the impurities from the hair, regulates the hair porosity, that is opens it and extends colour permanence) andColour Lock (the treatment after the dying that cleanses, nurtures, removes the hydrogen excess and closes the hair, all in one step). The result is long lasting, beautiful and healthy hair.
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