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BIOBODY Paris is modern cosmetics produced as a result the effort of great team of expets in the field of pharmaceutical
technology and pharmacognosy. Carefully choosing herbs from ecologically clean areas, the ideal formulations have been produced
that satisfy all the astandards for modern skin care.

BIOBODY Paris cosmetics is produced using the original technology, from the imported raw materials of best qualitu and high degree of cleanness.Emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives and other subordinate ingredients, that are the parts of the products, are new generations and their concentrations are precisely balanced so as to minimize the possibility of sensibilization. A great number of active ingredients provide a complex performance:

  • Moistness on the surface is kept and water evaporation is reduced from
    deeper layers of skin
  • Herbal oils penetrate into surface layers of skin, changing the role of
    natural lipids and stimulate the renewal and regeneration of the epidermis
  • The collagen synthesis is stimulated and the skin tonus id improved