For more than two decades O.P.I. has been a world leader in the professional industry of hand and foot care and beauty.

O.P.I. presents the products that stand out in the market, primarily due to its latest production technology, as well as the highest quality of its products. Globally known for its nail polishes, O.P.I. has also developed the production technology of care products as Spa versions of its preparations, following the trends in the field of care and wellness. O.P.I offers a complete selection of professional products for Spa manicure and Spa pedicure designed so as to develop the usual approach to these treatments along with the special kind of satisfaction and care, making the visit to the salon a truly pleasant experience.

O.P.I. Spa manicure provides a luxurious treatment consisting of the products for enjoyment, starting with the pleasant and invigorating peeling (Skin renewal scrub) with natural ultra-fine sugar crystals, as well as the irresistible lemon, orange, pineapple, geranium and peach flower essences; then the revitalizing bath (Effervescent soak) rich with minerals and mandarin and basil essences; the serum (Rejuvenating serum) made of antioxidant cocktail, vitamin A, C, E and invigorating scents of lavender, eucalyptus and camphor. At the end there is the final emulsion (Finishing butter), that will be the last step in the intensive hand and nail care along with the sumptuous massage.

O.P.I. Spa pedicure is a special pleasure in foot treatment… performs detoxification, foot softening and nail plate beaching, due to magnesium, mineral salts, natural antiseptics from clove oil, then grape, green tea, lavender, rosemary and mint extracts. The pedicure consists of the foot softening bath, the peeling with fruit acids and sugar crystals, the avocado mask, the emulsion for relax massage with herbal extracts and other preparations that invigorate tired feet and provide the look and feeling of lightness and rest.

For long lasting hydration and the feeling of freshness on the hands and body, AVOJUICE collection has been designed, and it consists of the line of products with beautiful fruity and floral aromas, providing special experience.
For soft and smooth hand skin and better look of your nails, AVOPLEX products are a perfect choice, since they are made of nutritious blends (patented avocado lipid complex) that biologically develop the skin layer, from cuticle oil, available in different forms, to lotions and intensive creams for dry and sensitive hand and nail skin.

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