During more that 150 years of existence, the English company Smith & Nephew has developed the advanced medical products  designed for medical staff throughout the world, with the aim of fully and successfully directing the attention to their patients by providing high quality, fast and economical care. Smith & Nephew is a leader in its field, and their business framework consists of: innovative wound treatment, orthopaedics and endoscopy.

Smith & Nephew innovative wound treatment provides a high quality of products and the support for the wound treatment starting with the initiative wound preparation to its closing, and its purpose is to treat acute and chronic wounds by applying the modern  compresses and equipment, as well as scar treatment.

Offering a wide range of modern compresses, Smith & Nephew company proves that there is a proper solution for any wound and in any stage:



  • Acticoat – a wound compress with SILCRYST silver nanocrystals
  • Bactigras – an antiseptic gauze with 0,5% chlorhexidine


  • Allevyn – a polyurethane foam compress
  • Algisite M – a calcium alginate compress


  • Cuticerin – a gauze impregnated with vaseline, paraffin and  Eucerit
  • Primapore– a postoperational plaster with an absorbing cushion
  • Opsite Flexigrid – a transparent film