ESSENLER GROUP is a Turkish company established in 1983 with the purpose of the hearing aid manufacture for tinnitus therapy. Within the group there is a company that distributes throughout the world (Turkey ,Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel,etc.). During the 30-year existence, ESENLERGROUPhas consisted of an expert team of professors, audiologist, biomedical engineers, electronic engineers and others. Professor doctor IrfanDevranoglu, the director of medical department,the founder and the chairman of the Turkish doctor association ORL- Head and neck surgery ,professorat the Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul , actively participated in all stages of the manufacture and development of TinnitusPen (laser therapy for home use ) and TinnitusSystem(laser therapy for professional use). Conducting research and clinic studies, he has significantly contributed to the quality of life improvement for the patients suffering from tinnitus.

TINNITUS PEN Green Medical Laser, LLLT – is the latest laser technology today. The treatment is completely safe and painless. LLLTis a type of medical treatment that applies the laser therapy of low degree so as to modify the cell function and positively stimulate cells and tissue. Applying red and infrared light (600-1000 nm) to the treated area speeds the wound and soft tissue healing, reduces inflammatory processes, as well as acute and chronic pains. The effects of LLLT are photochemical(as photosynthesis in plants), and the main mechanism occurs in mitochondria (power stations of every cell). Absorbing red and infrared light of proper wavelength and density in certain time period, oxidative processes are reduced and ATP enhanced. This action improves cellular metabolism and reduces the inflammation. LLLTis used in case of soft tissue injuries, neuropathic pain, venous and decubital wounds. Due to its extraordinary effects, the laser therapy has become one of the therapy procedures for the treatment of numerous diseases in dentistry and medicine in general.Greenmedicallaser, has been used in medicine for the past several years, since it greatly stimulates cellular regeneration.

Many diseases are caused by the deficiency of vitally necessary substance -ATP-adenosine triphosphate that stores and transports the energy within the cells. ATPprovides the energy for mitochondria during glucose combustion. ATP deficiency can lead to cell damage. TinnitusPenSoftLaserwith the wavelength  650nmimitates glucose combustion by stimulatingATP formation.

Mode of action:
– Increases cell proliferation
– Reduces pain
– StimulatesATP formation
– Enhances collagen production
– Reducesedemas
– Stimulates circulation
Speeds wound, deeper tissues and nerves healing