Urinske trake omogućavaju brz i pouzdan dokaz patoloških promena u sastavu urina.

The YD-Diagnostics was established in 1966 with the headquarters in Korea, Seoul.

The company’s profit has been continuously increasing from year to year and that fact led to the selection of Uriscan brand in 2002 as one of the top 100 world manufacturers, and the selection of the YD-Diagnostics as a company for innovations by (INNO-BIZ).

YD-Diagnostics has, with its continuous development, specialized for the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic products that made it famous throughout the world, and now exports in more than a 100 countries including the USA, EU, Japan, Far East countries.

The important dates in the company’s history:
1985 – the 11-parameter combination for urine analysis was approved by FDA, USA
1997 –YD Center for Development and Research was established
1999 – certificate  KSA 9001/ISO 9001 was issued
2001 –YD Diagnostics(Thailand) was established
2003 – ISO 13485 Quality system & CE marking for URiSCAN products was issued
2009 – the acknowledgement was awarded to theYD-Diagnostics company for the Uriscan programme development and high technology export results by the Ministry of Economy in Korea