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Modern woman is very careful of her appearance and beauty, and polished nails are inseparable parts of them. Modern trends offer various shades of colour. However, how can the most beautiful nail polish contribute to the beauty if the hand itself is not nourished? Since we wish to help you, OPI provides some advice on refreshing your skin and making the nails nourished and durable enough so that the right shade can simply shine on them. You don’t need too much time for that. In only several steps you will provide your hands with the proper care.

Nail shaping:

Not all nail shapes are right for all types of hands, and there are also different types of nails. If your nails grow up and wide, or, however, down, the oval shape is the right choice for you. Almond and square shapes are appropriate for those with long, flat nail plate. To shape the nails it is necessary to use the file of appropriate roughness (for ex. OPI Edge File 180 or 240 grits) and always make sure to replace the worn file with the new one. In that way, by applying lighter pressure you can achieve better performance of shaping and shortening, without causing the nail plate splitting.
It is also important to ’’close the edges’’ with spongy file (OPI Flex File 100/180 or 220/280 grits) so as to remove the parts of the nail left after shaping and prevent possible splitting.




Hands are frequently used parts of our body and because of that they are exposed to negative effects. The skin is prone to draining and it is dry and rough to touch, it needs a peeling to recover softness and tenderness.
You can make the peeling at home using the ingredients such as honey, olive oil, lemon juice, sugar, salt…  OPI makes the whole process practical since it offers various kinds of peeling in its range with different aromas, and with avocado oil as the mutual ingredient of all care products.

It is best to use the peeling on dry skin, since water dissolves salt and sugar crystals which results in the loss of roughness. It is desirable to rub it several minutes in hand washing movements, and then wash with lukewarm water and dry the hands well. You will notice that the skin is significantly softer and then you can move to the next step.

Cuticle treatment:

After the peeling, cuticles are softened and you can easily push them back. If cuticles are highly resistant to that, our recommendation is to look for the peeling especially made for cuticle softening that you will rub in every cuticle. For example,OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment.
The recommendation is not to cut the cuticles since you risk hurting and infection that can affect the nail itself.  Limit the cutting to the protruding parts.


Your hands then need to be nurtured with a quality cream. Let your choice be OPI Avoplex High-intensity Hand & Nail Cream, since nourishing avocado will be extremely pleasant for your skin and nails.


Before you start polishing, it is necessary to degrease the nail plate. Using the foundation is very important to prevent the unwanted colouring of the nail plate. After that, it is desirable to apply two layers of polish so as to accomplish the equable colour.  OPI offers a wide range of shades to every taste and trend. Final TOP layer protects the polish and provides it with the brilliant shine. Let your choice be OPI RapidryTop Coat that will provide both fast drying and protection.

You should nourish cuticles with oil at the end.  In that way you will nourish the nail in its very bed and the quality of the growing nail will be better. OPI AvoplexNail&Cuticle Replenishing Oil (in polish or gel) will enable quality care with avocado oil that is extremely rich with essential fatty acids necessary for nails and skin.


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